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Business trips
Our country is situated at the crossroads of the european trade routes, and thanks to this convenient location, Slovakia is an attractive destination for business trips (60 km from Vienna, 150 from Budapest).

CK KRYSTAL main objective is to help the Business avoid time - consuming, cost - intensive (increase), frustrating and negative experiences, ensuring, that the visitor can fully concentrate on the actual reason of his/ her visit without having to endure any distractions.

Should it be for just a short business meeting, visiting a conference for some days or relocation for a longer period of time, we have just the right offer for you:
  • first contact
  • airport (bus-, railway station) pick - up and return.
  • transfer to hotel, apartment, etc.
  • accommodation
  • renting a car, insurance
  • renting apartment, house, offices, etc.
  • hiring of household staff
  • babysitting
  • free cellular telephone
  • initial excursion tours
  • guide and services for salesman
  • banking connection
  • 24 - hours service
  • special licence for sports and clubs activities
  • help to arrange all necesary requirements
  • and all tourist services from "Hello" to "Good - bye"